Monday, October 27, 2008

This Week at Meijer! (through 11/1)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (4 lb) $7.49

Dozen Eggs $.99

Taco Bell Salsa 20% off= $1. 48 (or 18 taco shells are only $1.04)
-Meijer MealBox coupon for $1.50 off (page three, see note at bottom if you are new to MealBox)
FREE + overage

Jello sugar-free (4-serving) on sale 6/$3 (can also use for regualar gelatin or pudding, price varies, at Meijer on Prospect all Jello gelatin is $.50, not just sugar-free)
-Meijer MealBox coupon for $1.50 off (page two, see note at bottom if you are new to MealBox)
FREE plus overage, you MAKE $.50 with each coupon you use!

Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats 4/$10
-Use 4 $1 off coupons from sidebar or here
-Get an instant $2 off at register (This didn't work for me)
-Get a printout for $3 off your next order
You'll pay $6 OOP, but get $3 for your next purchase, (thanks cheapsk8mom!) I haven't tried it at my Meijer, but will give an update on how it goes!

I just got back from Meijer and I'm smiling big! I didn't see 4 for $10 advertised in the cereal aisle, but I did find it where the sales are (between food and clothes, straight ahead when you walk in). It is the 21.5 oz size (NOT the smallest size). I only found the Strawberry Delight (21.5 oz) and regular (24oz) Mini Wheats. If you don't have coupons for this yet, check the sidebar, or the site itself. The coupons come and go, so I have been stocking up. Let me know if you are having trouble finding coupons and I'll help you. Note that any of the coupons for new flavors can be used on any of the new flavors, not just the one pictured. Be sure to grab some taco shells and jello to take another dollar off your order!

Meijer MealBox Coupons Explained
It isn't hard to print these coupons, but I will give detailed instructions for anyone who may need them. So don't be intimidated by the length of the next paragraph!

Use Internet Explorer. Go to the page and find the box outlined in blue that says Meijer Mealbox Beta. Click on the tab (within the box) that says "specials." There are several pages of coupons (currently 3). You can scroll through them using the page numbers just above the top of the first coupon. When you find ones you want, click "add to shopping list" and press "ok" in the little box that pops us. When you have chosen all the coupons you want, click on the tab "shopping list" (next to "specials") . Then press "print list" near the top of the box. It will give you a popup with 3 checkboxes. I only leave "coupons" checked. Click "print" in the next popup. Another small window will open up shoing the coupons. Click on "file" and then "print." That should cover it.

The 2 coupons I mention about for gelatin/pudding and taco shells/salsa are both good until 11/15, so print out as many (or more) than you think you can use before then. They do not limit you to how many you can print, but they may limit you to one of each particular coupon per transaction (though you could do several back -to-back transactions).

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