Saturday, October 18, 2008

Printable Coupons Specifically

Do you feel like you can't be a successful couponer because you don't subscribe to the newspaper? Think again! Here are a few keys to printing coupons online:
  • Many online coupons come directly from the manufacturer's site. More often than not, they will want you to register with them. I have a special email account that I use just for this purpose (I'm partial to Gmail). Then my regular email doesn't get too out of control. It is nice to have all my coupon and special offer mail in the same place.
  • Coupons that don't come directly from the manufacturer's site (as well as many that do) usually require a "coupon printer." The device is very user friendly, safe, and easy to download (as long as it is a reputable coupon site... no promises on the sketchy ones). Once it is downloaded you are good to go. You can click on my sidebar to download the printer. Once you have the coupon printer installed (or maybe even before) you will see all the coupons available at in my sidebar. You can scroll through (or click on "see all coupons") and them and print them directly. They change periodically.
  • Generally, you are allowed to print online coupons twice, though it depends on the coupon. I usually press back or go through the process again to see if I am allowed to print another. If I am, great. If not, it will tell me that I have reached the limit for this coupon. While I know I could find ways around this, I feel it is important to respect this and be honest in printing online coupons. Some stores have decided to not accept printable coupons because of fraud and dishonesty, fortunately, none that I know of in my area. Let's not ruin it for everyone by cheating the system.
  • If you're having trouble installing a coupon printer application or printing from it, try switching browsers. Firefox is my browser of choice, but I have found a few coupons that don't like Firefox (so I reluctantly copy the address into IE and print).
  • Cut out your coupons. This may seem like a no-brainer for the seasoned couponer with binders and filers galore, but a first-timer may not think of it. Not only is it easier for you to organize, your cashier will be much happier, as well.
  • Recycle! Save money and trees by printing your coupons on scrap paper!
  • One good resource for online coupons is Hot Coupon World's database. Put what you are looking for in the box labeled description. Both general ("toothpaste") and specific ("Crest") are fine. You can put in the type of coupon you're looking for (choose "printable" from drop down menu).
If you're new to couponing altogether, read Coupons in General.

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