Thursday, October 23, 2008

FREE Deodorant plus a dollar!

Find Sure deodorant with this packaging, use this $1.00 off coupon to pay for it, then send in this rebate for the purchase price! (Thanks Be CentsAble!) Since it's a mail in rebate, you will have to pay for a stamp, but the overage from the coupon will more than take care of that, so the deodorant is still free!
You can buy it anywhere, of course, but if you could combine it with this offer at CVS this week (buy $10 in Sure deodorants and Pert Plus shampoo and get $5 EB) , that would be extra cool! It depends on how much the deodorant is, whether or not it would be worth it. (The more expensive, the better.)

1 comment:

Allison said...

this is awesome! Any links to deals to China?? Really, good job though. I went thru periods off and on of being vigilant about watching ads, using coupons, matching prices at stores, etc. It's so satisfying to get an amazing deal!