Friday, October 24, 2008

Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

I went to Meijer today to redeem coupons for Free Taco Shells and Jell-o Pudding, and found another source of coupons! At the front of Meijer on the shelves where all the ads are (behind where the greeter stands), there were several stacks of nice coupons! Since my couponing is fueled primarily by printable coupons (we don't get the newspaper), I am always on the lookout for other coupons. One of the coupons I found was for a free tub of Promise butter spread. There was a whole stack at Meijer on Prospect. If you're at Meijer, be sure to look around and under the ads at the front of the store for great coupons!
As a side note, I used my last Jell-O coupon and unfortunately it is no longer available to print on the MealBox Site (argh , should have printed more). The taco shells are, though. Today I noticed an 18-pack of Taco Bell taco shells for $1.30 (the same price as the 12-pack)! The coupon is for $1.50 off, so you make $.20 on each one, and now you can get 50% more in the package! Wahoo! We had tacos just the other night. Next time I think we'll have taco salad!

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