Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walgreens Moneymaking 4-Day Sale

In case you haven't heard, there is a 4-day sale (through Saturday) going on at Walgreens in most locations (check the Walgreens in your area, to make sure your Walgreens is participating). The exciting part of the ad is that if you "spend" $25, you will get a printout for $5 off your next order. I say "spend" because for this promotion, the $25 is before coupons.

I just spent $2 out of pocket and walked away with a $5 off my next purchase coupon and this:

In the ad, there is a coupon to get Wal-itin (Walgreen's version of Claritin) for $.99, limit 4. The price on the shelf (which is a sale price too) is $6.99.

$6.99 x 4 = $27.96 (which is over the $25)
-$24 (coupon takes $6 off each box to make them each $.99)
$3.96 (I got another $2 off because I had a $2 RR I got when I bought Colgate Total yesterday)

There you have it! You can do this same transaction and get 4 boxes and make a little money, or you can figure out your own scenario. You could get whatever you need and just use Wal-itin to bump your total up to $25 ($6.99 bump per box). If you have any coupons that make a product near-free, this would be the time to use them, as the full price will go toward your $25 purchase. Post a comment and let me know what you get!

Hint: You can have other items in your transaction that earn RRs as well. For example, if you spend $15 in Coke products as part of your $25 transaction, you'll get a $5 RR for that, as well as the $5 for spending $25.

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Julie Nye said...

Thanks! You always remind of deals that I mean to do. Because of you I ordered coupons for CVS last week and did this deal today. I thought they would be out of the allergy medicine, but they weren't. I also bought some of the Kleenex that there were coupons for .89 for in the ad (kind of funny that I bought allergy medicine and Kleenex and couldn't stop sneezing while I was there), and Scotch tape for 2/$1. So I spent $7 (on my Walgreens gift card from rebates last month) and got $5 back.