Tuesday, December 2, 2008

30 Photo Cards for $.48

Here is another FABULOUS deal! I'm not sure how long it lasts, so hurry!

Here are the instructions for getting the deal. (You might want to right click and open it in a new window so you can use her codes and instructions, as well as my hints). Feel free to leave comments here if you have questions. I did a little experimenting to see what the codes work for. Here are a few hints to save time and help you navigate the site:
  • Sign up for your 75 free prints (you don't have to use them now)
  • Upload some photos into a new album
  • After you upload your photos, choose "Cards & Invitations" under "Shop"
  • Scroll down until you see "Our Best Value 5x7 photo print cards" and click on "See all 5x7 photo print cards." Choose from these designs.
  • You can either do three sets of the same card or 2 of one and 1 of another. I don't know if all three can be different, but I imagine so.
  • Make sure to choose to pick them up (I'm picking them up at CVS, but there are other places as well), so your total spent is $.48!
In addition to the 30 cards, you get a credit for 75 free prints to use within the month.

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