Thursday, February 19, 2009

Diapers at Walgreens

You can get some cheap diapers this week at Walgreens! In the ad, there is a coupon for $3 off Walgreens brand diapers (jumbo pack). The coupon also goes for Walgreens brand wipes and formula. Also, this month you automatically get $2 off at the register when you buy 2 jumbo packs of diapers of any brand (see EasySaver catalog for details).

So here's the deal:

1st pack Walgreens diapers $8.99
2nd pack Walgreens diapers $6.99 (the $2 is taken off in the price of the 2nd package)
[give cashier the in-ad coupon. takes of $6 ($3 per pack)]
Total= $9.98 for 2 jumbo packs
Never heard of Walgreens diapers?

I have heard great things about them, but I'm trying them for the first time myself (well, my baby is). There are 2 kinds: premium in the light green package (comparable to Huggies or other name brand diapers) and regular in the white with red accent package (comparable to store brand diapers). The jumbo size packs are $8.99 for each kind, but the regular diapers have a few more per package (for example, size 4 packages have 30 premium diapers or 34 regular diapers).

I always do the math when it comes to diapers. We aren't too picky about the diapers themselves, as they all have the same end anyway, if you know what I mean. In our experience, newborn liqui-poo leaks out of the expensive diapers just about as often as the cheap diapers. As long as my baby's bum isn't allergic to the diaper, we're good to go. So the math on these (for size 4) is 14.7 cents for regular and 16.6 cents for premium. That's even a little cheaper than Target diapers (which are by far the cheapest regular-priced diaper and the ones we always use) and just the regular Walgreens diapers seem higher quality. I'll let you know how they work!

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Jennifer said...

How lucky are you that she's not allergic! We've had bad reactions with both the first two and store brand diapers. We ended up sticking with pampers as almost everything else gave both girls horrible rashes. Hence part of the reason for the switch to cloth. So many less problems!! We did use some Costco diapers with Maddie and they worked great, and no reaction! I love being able to buy the cheap diapers, but it so wasn't worth the reaction on our end!